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Our Story & Mission

After the cheated 2020 Presidential election, of course like all of you I was devastated. Then Facebook started censoring and throwing people in Facebook Jail for speaking the truth. I started to search for a different platform in which to communicate with like minds. I found Telegram and followed groups like Patriot Streetfighter, Scott McKay a fellow Patriot on YouTube.

One day while watching his live show he stated that people needed to form more local groups.  That's where the idea came from for our group was born.

I created the Midwest Illinois Patriots on Telegram.

We have grown to numbers I would have never imagined. 

Awesome Patriots going through the Storm together.



What do we stand for? What is our Mission?


Illinois Election Integrity/Fair & Equal Elections

Unless we stop the corruption in Illinois we will NOT have a fair election in 2022. Laws take years to make and change, but the dominion machines (cheating machines) need to go now!!! Arizona is proving this as we speak. We are following other groups on the same mission that was done in Arizona with their audit. Sending out notices, maladministration, and now trying to get more involved in the signings events. WE NEED A AUDIT OF ILLINOIS!!!  This our main goal at This is the time!! Please join us as we push for this audit

Founder or Midwest IL Patriots, Des

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